3900 Bristol Hwy. Ste. 9| Johnson City, TN 37601


  •  Buy and pay for your gun.
  •  Send a copy of our FFL (Federal Firearms License) to the seller.
  •  Have the seller ship the firearm to our address.
  •  When your gun arrives come by and complete a $10 background check, pay the transfer fee, and take your gun home.

Buying a gun online from Gunbroker, Bud’s Gun Shop, or any other online retailer?

We will gladly accept transfers from anywhere in the country directly to our store. Keep on reading below to find out how this process works.

Firearms Transfers

We charge a $20 transfer fee plus the required $10 background check. If you find a local store that is cheaper, please let us know. We strive to have the best prices in East Tennessee.

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